A Proud Marin City Looks Ahead

Johnathan-Logan-park-openingAfter more than 11 years with the Marin City Community Services District (MCCSD), Johnathan Logan stepped down as General Manager in February. Logan’s tenure helped spark community change and transformation and the new Interim General Manager Monique Brown, previously the District’s Director of Programs and Operations, will build off of this momentum.

“I am thrilled to pick up where Johnathan left off,” says Brown. “They are big shoes to fill, because he did so much for the community—working with residents, families and neighbors from across the county to create a thriving Marin City. If each community in Marin County is vibrant and healthy, then our county as a whole will be vibrant and healthy.”

The newest chapter in Marin City’s story is a Center for Community Life that will bring together children, families and neighbors in Marin City with people from across Marin County. Logan worked with community partners to generate start-up funds and establish a vision for the new center. The proposed 42,000-sq-ft multi-purpose facility in the center of the community will move forward.

The Community Services District Board has hired Joshua Barrow as the new project manager to bring the center to life. Barrow is a third-generation Marin City resident and board member of the Sausalito Marin City School District. He is pleased to continue his many years of community service in this new capacity.

“Our vision is not only about creating better facilities and programs—it is about transforming our community to create a healthier Marin City in a thriving Marin County,” says Barrow. “I’m taking leadership of the project at a very exciting time—we’re identifying community partners from across the Bay Area who will help shape programs and establish our path towards funding.”