Community Matters

Together, we can create a vibrant and healthy Marin City. If each community in Marin County is vibrant and healthy, then our county as a whole will thrive.

People from many different racial, economic and social backgrounds choose to make their homes in Marin City and contribute to its richness and vibrancy. The Center for Community Life represents a new chapter for Marin City that will bring together children, families and neighbors in Marin City with people from across Marin County.

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Center Leadership

A Steering Committee is leading the new Center for Community Life project in Marin City. This volunteer “commission” has been drawn from across the county and has deep collective experience in community initiatives.

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Marin City Leadership

The District is governed by a Board of Directors (BOD)—a Legislative body of five members, which are elected at large. Board members or candidates must be voters of district. The district is governed by a publicly elected five member board.

Members of the Board of Directors are publicly elected by voters in Marin City and serve four year terms. Their role in Marin City is much like the city council in Novato, San Rafael, or Sausalito. Their duties include setting policy, providing organizational oversight and community leadership. Additionally, the board appoints a General Manager to manage the day to day operations of the District.

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