Chuck Collins is Invested in Marin City’s Future

Chuck-Collins-high-resChuck Collins is a son of Marin—born and raised in Mill Valley, he is proud of his roots. The President and CEO of the YMCA of San Francisco, Collins provides leadership for the health and well-being of residents across the Bay Area from Marin City to the Santa Cruz mountains.

The work is a calling and a passion. “I think that the future of any society is essentially vested in today’s children,” says Collins. “They need to be nurtured and they need to have access to health, safety, strong families and responsible adults.”

Collins is an active donor to Marin City causes and a member of the steering committee that is driving the creation of the new Center for Community Life.

Collins sees a strong need in the community for one central gathering place where everyone can come together. “We need a center than can bring people from wherever they are in the community, and provide activities and resources that can help neighbors and families be healthy and thrive.”