Marin City Overview

Nestled against the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, people from many different racial, economic and social backgrounds choose to make Marin City their home and contribute to its richness and vibrancy. It’s a community where kids run and play outside and neighbors are friendly and watch out for one another’s families and children.

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Marin City At-A-Glance

Made up of 3,500 residents, the community is 38.9% Caucasian, 38.1% African American, 13.7% Latino and 11.6% Asian/Pacific Islander. Young people under 18 make up nearly a quarter of the population and the median household income is $37,857.

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We Are Making Progress

George “Rocky” Graham Park Brings Families, Residents Together

DSC_0012“The last time I played at the park next door, I was 12 years old,” La Tanya Wiggins says with a smile. “My bedroom window now looks over where my family used to barbecue.”

“Eventually all that was left were metal poles sticking out of the ground in a dirt field. The area fell into disrepair,” she recalls.

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Teen Center a ‘No-Brainer’ for Keeping Teens Safe, Active

2015-06-19 17.13.54In June 2015, a new Teen Center—run by Marin City youth leaders—opened to give young people a place to gather as well as learn skills that can be helpful for work and in life. The Teen Center is the first of its kind in the community.

The space provides something for everyone.

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