Marin City overview

Nestled against the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, people from many different racial, economic and social backgrounds choose to make Marin City their home and contribute to its richness and vibrancy. It’s a community where kids run and play outside and neighbors are friendly and watch out for one another’s families and children.

Dating back to World War II when people came here to work at the shipyards, Marin City has a long history of being a place where people come to pursue their dreams, start a family and find affordable housing.

Despite the hard work of its residents, Marin City has its challenges.

Opportunities to get ahead dwindled after World War II. The community missed out on social and economic gains that benefitted the rest of Marin County. Now, on average, fewer kids here graduate from high school. People of all ages living in Marin City have more health challenges and lower life expectancy than the rest of the County.

The news about Marin City often focuses on these challenges.

Building on our proud legacy

We are making Marin City a vibrant, healthy and culturally diverse place for raising our children. Residents have partnered with neighboring communities to tackle problems, from establishing a new park to improving access to healthcare. Now, we have a unique chance to strengthen Marin City by creating opportunities for all community members to discover, grow, thrive and reach their full potential.

The newest chapter in our story is a Center for Community Life that will bring together children, families and neighbors in Marin City with people from across Marin County.