A New Chapter in Marin City

DSC_0330The Center for Community Life will bring together children, families and neighbors in Marin City with people from across Marin County. It will provide a place for the community to learn new career or job skills, participate in early childhood and after-school programs and take advantage of health and fitness programs to stay healthy and active. The new center will replace the existing community center that has not been renovated since the 1950s.

Already, Southern Marin residents come to Marin City and benefit from community resources including the Manzanita Children’s Center and the Marin City Health and Wellness Center. The new state-of-the-art facility will house comprehensive services in one place to better meet the needs of the community and will be a destination for countywide events like annual music festivals and a weekly farmers’ market.

Applying lessons we’ve learned from the past, Marin City community leaders have built new momentum to create change by working across Marin County to identify the best opportunities to strengthen early childhood development, educational achievement, job training, recreation and health and wellness.

The new center is rooted in a spirit of collaboration—we know that we are stronger with our partners. We have established a network of partnerships among community leaders, businesses, educators, health professionals and parks and recreation officials including the YMCA, Bay Area Discovery Museum, Boys and Girls Clubs and the City of Sausalito.