Build On Our Momentum

IMG_6274The new Center for Community Life will create opportunities for all community members to discover, grow and thrive.

Support families: Families will bring their kids and have a central meeting place where they can gather, take classes, play sports and learn new hobbies.

Give children a strong start: We’ll provide early childhood services to help parents with infants and young children give them a strong start in life.

Improve learning: The Center will provide programs for our very youngest children and support school-age kids through mentoring, after-school activities and providing a creative and supportive environment.

Promote health and well-being: Young and old will take advantage of fitness equipment and physical activities to get and stay active and do so in community with other people striving to do the same.

Prepare young and old for success: Young people and adults will access job skills trainings, higher ed resources, employment services and hands-on experience with software coding and 3D printing.

Celebrate diversity: The new center will feature cultural and educational programming and celebrate the diversity of Marin City including community performances, movie nights and honoring leaders who make the community what it is.